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Who Am I?

Venuz is a producer based in France and originally from New Orleans, whose music has evolved over the years into a very distinctive sound. Having drawn his influence from Neo Soul, Jazz, and Hip-Hop, and artists such as Robert Glasper, Dwele and J Dilla to name a few, Venuz now has a unique signature that you will instantly recognize when hearing one of his beats. He’s played the guitar for many years and is now heavily focused on the keys. It shows in his production which is very chord focused. Venuz generally leaves room in his beats to allow artists to have creative freedom. He primarily focuses on thick textures and various non-intrusive elements to provide a solid base for any artist to work with. The Hip Hop side of his production is most notable through his use of heavy drums that cut through the mix. The Neo Soul and Jazz sides are expressed through his melodic acoustic instrumentation. In recent times, Venuz has been gaining attention from several major influencers in this genre, being featured on a few DJ Raphael mixes and recently working with the producer Maverick Soul. "Music is love. Ain't nothing real but love." -Erykah Badu

Potatohead People - Quest For Love (Venuz Beats Remix)


My perspective on Potatohead People's hit single "Quest For Love"


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